This technical specification is prepared for the purpose of general description of main construction of the building, systems and materials to be used within the whole of ORYAPARK project managed by ORYATAŞ İNŞAAT ve TİCARET A.Ş.

All used materials shall conform to relevant TSE standards and when necessary to CE, etc. international norms.


  • The buildings are built according to last earthquake regulation and TSE standards where high ductility conventional reinforced concrete frames and curtain systems are used together.
  • In the design of tower buildings, three dimensional models and analyses are performed, which best define bearing system behaviors, that are globally used in the design of similar buildings and whose international safety is proven by taking foundation calculations and soil interaction into account and solid, continuous spread foundation system is used in towers where both blocks are seated on an integrated system and a continuous spread foundation system is used in surrounding lower blocks.
  • In the construction of tower buildings, high strength, anti-corrosive and long design life, high quality concrete material like C35-C45 and S420a sismic reinforce concrete steel fully conformant to relevant standards are used as required and in required places.
  • The buildings have a bearing system framework where reinforced concrete core curtains and frames with high energy absorption capacity are used together.


  • Exterior walls shall be made of materials like reinforced concrete curtain and gas concrete or brick, which will meet the provisions of heat regulations.
  • For all exterior facade, aluminum composite panel or precast facade panel and heat insulated glass will be used conforming to the project and technical specification.
  • In window and door joineries opening to balconies, climate controlled double-glazing and heat insulated, electrostatic powder painted aluminum joineries will be used.
  • In balconies, tempered laminated glass and aluminum or stainless steel railing will be used in appropriate detail to architectural project.


  • There will be terraced roof. Heat insulation shall be provided at the roof and balconies in thickness which will meet the provisions of heat regulations and water insulation shall be provided which conforms to architectural details.


  • The circumference of the estate shall be surrounded by a wall and security cameras for protection purposes.
  • Vehicle and pedestrian entry shall be made in a controlled way as specified in layout plan.
  • There shall be a 24-hour closed circuit camera surveillance and recording system at the safety center.
  • Entry to and exit from closed car parking areas shall be provided by a system approved by the management.
  • On individual apartments, a video intercom system connected to security shall be used.


  • 1 parking space shall be assigned to 1+1 and 2+1 apartments and 2 spaces shall be provided to 3+1 and 4+1 apartments.
  • Open car parking areas are provided for guest vehicles
  • Access from closed car parking areas to the blocks and social facilities shall be provided by elevator.
  • Handicapped car parking is available.


  • In common external area, open swimming pool, children pool, open and pergola-covered seating areas, sunbathing terrace, open children playgrounds, basketball court, open car parking areas, walking track and other landscaping arrangements shall be provided according to the project.
  • Infrastructures of car and pedestrian ways, sewage, drainage systems and garden-terrace insulations shall be provided according to the project.
  • Rights to use the social facilities shall be applied as regulated in estate management plan.


Following areas will be located in Social Facility;

  • Club House
  • Club Lounge
  • Spa
  • Fitness hall
  • Sauna
  • Cinema room
  • Children's play room


  • 4 passenger elevators and 1 emergency elevator are available at each block.
  • The elevators shall conform to TSE standards and shall be of model and brand suitable to target project standards (Otis, Kone, Mitsubishi or equivalent brand). All elevators shall descend to basement floor. Elevator cabins shall be spacious, air conditioned and have earthquake sensors and intercom system. Floor and cabin doors; full automatic, digital signalization shall be used.


  • There will be a meeting counter and seating group at block entrances.
  • A post box shall be provided for each apartment.
  • At entrances, intercom system with camera and speaking module shall be provided.
  • At Main Entrance and floor corridors, natural stone or ceramics shall be used as floor covering.
  • Block entrance joineries and doors shall be electrostatic powder painted aluminum joinery in conformance with the project.




  • Entry doors of apartments shall be steel doors conforming to decoration project.
  • Interior doors shall be provided according to decoration project.


  • For walls other than reinforced concrete curtains, brick, gas concrete or pumice block shall be used in specification and size suitable to fire regulation. For interior walls, water based satin paint application shall be made on gypsum plaster.
  • For walls of wet areas, 1st class domestic or imported ceramics and/or wallpaper will be used.


  • In living rooms, 1st class domestic or imported laminated parquet and in bedrooms 1st class domestic or imported lamparquet will be used.
  • In doorways, corridors, kitchens and wet areas, 1st class domestic or imported ceramic, granite ceramics or laminated parquet will be used.
  • Skirting boards shall be in conformance with the material used in interior doors.
  • For floor coverings, polyethylene mat shall be used under cement finish for sound insulation.
  • For wet areas and balconies, water insulation shall be provided under cement finish.


  • For ceilings of all spaces, gypsum plaster and water based plastic paint will be applied on plaster board suspended ceiling.
  • For ceilings of wet areas, plaster boards resistant to humidity shall be used.


  • Coat wardrobes shall be provided in accordance with decoration project in places shown in the project.


  • Specialty covered kitchen closets, laminated or acrilic bench and stainless steel sink shall be used, which are designed according to their project.
  • Built-in equipment (stove, oven, exhaust hood and dishwasher) in international standards (Siemens or equivalent brand) shall be used in kitchens.
  • Natural gas shall not be available in kitchens, electrical stoves and ovens will be used.


  • For walls 1st class domestic or imported ceramics and/or wallpaper will be applied.
  • Suspended closet with embedded reservoir conforming to its project,
  • Flat shower basin in dimensions according to its project,
  • Tempered glass shower cabin,
  • Hilton type or bowel washbasin shall be used according to its project.
  • Bathrooom closets shall be provided with specialty covering designed according to their project.
  • Sanitary ware shall be Duravit, Vitra or equivalent brand,
  • Armatures shall be Artema, Grohe or equivalent brand.
  • Accessories will be selected according to decoration project.


  • Heating shall be provided with natural gas fired Central Boiler by convectors in living rooms and panel radiators in other areas.
  • Sanitary piping will be of sheathed system and laid under cement finish.


  • Supply of hot water shall be provided with hot water substations installed in the flats.
  • Heating and usage hot water expenses shall be divided among the users by means of share meters.
  • All materials used for cold and hot water plumbing shall have TSE certificates.
  • Used taps, faucets will be selected from 1st class domestic or imported brands.
  • Bathroom aspiration shall be centrally provided.
  • Water storage and distribution system of sufficient capacity will be used against water cut-off and lack of pressure.
  • For descent of domestic flow and rain water cast iron pipe shall be used.


  • Cooling in flats shall be provided by VRV system.
  • For 4+1 and 3+1 flats, Internal units will be installed in Living Room + Parent Bedroom and option for installing internal unit for 1 additional room will be left free.
  • For 2+1 and 1+1 flats, Internal unit will be installed in Living Room and option for installing internal unit for Parent Bedroom will be left free.


  • Electrical power shall be supplied by constructing an infrastructure from Ayedaş facility to the complex. A generator system will be established with a capacity sufficient to meet urgent requirements of general areas and flats in case of electrical power cuts.
  • For each flat, independent tariffed electronic electricity meter, leakage current relay in case of an electrical leakage in the location of the meter as a protection against fire hazard and in case of leakage in the flats leakage relay and switch will be provided to cut the current.
  • Materials conforming to TSE standards and meeting technical requirements will be used in flats.
  • Used cables and piping shall be in conformance with Fire Regulation.
  • Decorative group switches and plugs will be used. Illumination infrastructure will be provided according to furniture layout plan and plug and telephone outlets will be made.
  • All plugs used in residences will be grounded.
  • Grounding and lightning protection installation will be installed according to the provisions of IEEC (International Electricity-Electronics Standard).


  • Satellite and National Broadcasting Special Satellite Systems infrastructure will be provided in TV installations of the buildings with head end system. If the user supplies a decoder-receiver and makes a subscription Satellite amd National Broadcasting Special Satellite System (D-Smart, Digiturk, etc.) transmissions can be viewed. TV outlets and power sockets of a sufficient number will be provided for each flat according to furniture layout scenario.
  • Video intercom speaking device shall be installed on flats.
  • Cable infrastucture shall be provided to weak current box for internet access.


  • For protection against fire on each block, fire escape stairways pressurized according to fire regulation, a fire closet on each floor, fire alarm buttons in places according to the project and a fire alarm system will be established.
  • All spaces have automatic sprinkler extinguishing system, fire closet and ventilation system against fire risk.

Oryataş İnşaatreserves the right to make changes during project application stage, which it deems technically necessary.